Jim Stiles
Former Law Enforcement and Corrections Officer
Former Network Administrator, B.C.S.O.
Former Enterprise Technology Services, U.C.F.

Currently Retired via F. R. S.  

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Welcome!   After concluding two careers, the first in Law Enforcment and the second in Information Technology, I am now starting my third career, that of retirement. I only hope that this one will be as challenging as the first and less boring as the second.

I will be removing or archiving a majority of the material on this site, with the exception of the most popular utility scripts and some other odds and ends I have developed over the years. The articles, publications and tutorials on web development and computer useage authored or published by myself will also remain as a reference but, like me, are quite outdated and do not conform to the most recent applications.

Listed below is my work history along with the various items that helped me get to this part of my life.


Information Technology
Frame Relay synchronous protocol networking
Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND)
Cisco Router Configuration
Advanced Cisco Catalyst Switching (ACCS)
Advanced Microsoft Access Development
Video Teleconferencing Systems
Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)
WatchGuard Certified System Professional
Firebox SSL VPN Gateway Management
Certified Javascript programmer
Certified HTML programmer
Certified Web Developer
Certified Windows Administrator (95 & 98)
COM-HIPAA Compliance
SR FERPA Complaince
FEMA Incident Command System
FEMA National Incident Management System

Law Enforcement
Florida State Corrections Certification - 1984
Florida State Law Enforcement Certification - 1987
Advanced Police Defensive Tactics - 1987
FCIC Telecommunications - 1989
Advanced Instructor Certification- 1990
Chief Firearms Instructor - 1990
Criminal Investigations - 1991
Internal Review Process for Supervisors - 1991
Advanced First Aid / Life Support / First Responder- 1992
Computerized Crime - 1999
Computer Forensics - 2001
* Certificates

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Specialized Training:

Computer Technology
Networking Techniques, Intrusion Analysis, Home Computer & Network Security,
Auditing Cisco routers, Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices (ICND),
Video Teleconferencing,Advanced Access development, FCIC Certification,
FDLE Limited Access Terminal, Computerized Criminal History.

Law Enforcement
Advanced Instructor Techniques, Firearms Instructor, PR/24 Certification,
Defensive Tactics, Fingerprint Techniques, FCIC Basic Telecommunications,
Criminal Investigations, Internal Review Process for Supervisors,
Tactical Auto Pistol, Class "D" Security License.

Additional Training
Advanced First Aid, CPR & Child CPR; Bloodborne pathogens training.
Human Diversity training; Sexual Harassment training;
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Courses Instructed:

Brevard Community College

Philosophy of Corrections; State Rules and Regulations; Probation and Parole;
Supervising Female inmates; Introduction to the Criminal Justice System;
Professional Standards and Ethics for Law Enforcement.

Brevard County Sheriff's Office

Introduction to Microsoft Word; Introduction to Microsoft Excel; Using Office Binder
Introduction to Microsoft Access; Intermediate Access: Reports, Forms and Queries;
Microsoft Outlook for the Corporate Workforce; Introduction to Eudora;
Computer, Internet & Browser Safety and Security.
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Previous Employment History:

2007 to 2018: Enterprise Systems & Operations, UCFIT University of Central Florida
2004 to 2009: JDS Web Dev Security Technologies
1999 to 2004: Network Administrator, Brevard County Sheriffs Office
1996 to 2003: Instructor, Brevard County Sheriff's Office
1996 to 1999: Systems Administrator, Brevard County Sheriffs Office
1991 to 1994: Law Enforcement Academy Instructor - Brevard Community College
1984 to 1996: Law Enforcement Administration - Brevard County Sheriff's Office
1981 to 1983: Manager - Certified Citrus Nursery - Brevard Extension
1978 to 1980: Percussionist - Brevard Symphony Orchestra
1978 to 1981: Minister of Music - Central Baptist Church, Titusville
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Articles & Publications:

Website Design Optimization
Stresses the importance and necessity for developing structured, cross-browser, multi-resolution designs for your site visitors. Explains some various innovative methods, provides examples for each method and includes recommendations for accomplishing this goal.

Developing Cross-Browser Style Sheets
Become familiar with the individual browsers, understand why they do what they do, and know what CSS versions and levels of compliancy they support. Teaches Web Developers how to test their browser's conformance to CSS specifications and design with compatability issues in mind.

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
This series of articles instructs how to develop and implement Cascading Style Sheets for correctly displaying web documents.

Introduction to Dynamic HTML
Introduction to the various concepts and applications of Dynamic HTML (DHTML). Its intent is to provide basic introduction to DHTML and how it is applied through articles, discussions and examples given in order to develop dynamic web content.

HTML & CSS Validation
Methods for Validating web pages and style sheets for cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility as well as search engine indexability.

Computer and Browser Security
Setting and using client-side security capabilities and features by use of cryptography, authentication, and browser restrictions.

Understanding Computer Viruses
Explains the basics of computer viruses and definitions, summarising what they are, how they attack and what can be done to protect against them.

Web Site Security Vulnerabilities
Information outlining the most popular methods used by today's hackers to break into web sites and web servers, along with suggestions for checking vulnerabilities & implementing a more secure web site using known preventative methods.

Microsoft Office Application Tutorials
These Microsoft Office tutorials were widely used by instructional institutions though quite outdated at this time. They were designed to guide the user through each step of the process for creating the type of application desired.

Introduction to Computer Maintenance
Knowing your way around your computer and conducting routine maintenance and repairs will keep it in good working order.

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