Welcome to the world of HTML Colors

This article introduces the concept, usage and application of hex color codes. Its intent is to provide basic introduction to HTML colors and their applications on the web. Through explanations and examples given, you will be able to better select and use your own color styles for background, foreground, and link colors.

First, we offer an explanation of how computerized colors are formed to create different colors on your computer screen. Simply stated, a color is created through the adding or subtracting of three primary colors, (red, green, and blue), to make other colors.

In the computer world, this is accomplished through the use of either Decimal or Hexadecimal codes that represent the three primary colors. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be concentrating on the more common use of hex codes, which is the 6-digit representation of the color spectrum.

For your convenience, I have created several different color charts to assist you in selecting your web coloring scheme. Links to these are provided on the left menu bar.

Next, we discuss the hexadecimal numbering system.