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Are you an Engineer?
(Please stick with your first answer)
Yes No.....Do you stare at an orange juice container because it says CONCENTRATE? 
Yes No.....Do you look forward to Christmas only to put together the kids' toys? 
Yes No.....Do you window shop at Radio Shack? 
Yes No.....Do you have "Dilbert" comics displayed anywhere in your work area? 
Yes No.....Have you ever used duct tape for something other than taping ducts? 
Yes No.....Have you ever taken the back off your TV just to see what's inside? 
Yes No.....Do you always put off backing-up your hard drive? 
Yes No.....Have you ever saved the power cord from a broken appliance? 
Yes No.....Have you ever purchased an electronic appliance "as-is"? 
Yes No.....Do you see a good design and still feel a need to change it? 
Yes No.....Do you find the salespeople at 'Sharper Image' can't answer your questions? 
Yes No.....Do you still own a slide rule and know how to work it? 
Yes No.....Do you have more toys than your kids? 
Yes No.....Do you own a calculator with no equal key and know what RPN stands for? 
Yes No.....Do you think the real heroes of 'Apollo 13' were the mission controllers? 
Yes No.....Have you ever tried to repair a $5.00 radio? 
Yes No.....Do you know the second law of thermodynamics - but not your own shirt size? 
Yes No.....Do you own one or more white short-sleeve dress shirts? 
Yes No.....Is your I.Q. number is higher than your weight? 
Yes No.....Do you know the "ABC's of Infrared" from A to B?