Solitaire Poker (5-card Draw)

This version of Poker uses no images whatsoever. As a result, it loads quite fast.

This game features a simple interface, in-game instructions directing the user what to do next, full error-checking for the bet amount input, and small footprint. The user is free to make several customizations (in the .js file) including: This script does not function in Netscape 4.x browsers. The user will get a message if they try to do so, but will not generate any errors. This script does work in IE 5.5/6, Netscape 6+, Mozilla, and possibly others (not tested in others).

Installation Instructions:

1: Copy and paste the following Javascript code in the BODY section of your page wherever you want the game to appear:
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2: Edit the poker.js file to adjust the settings to suit.

This game can be found at

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