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Fade Page to Transfer.

Drop-In Window.

Wiping Banner Display within a Table Cell.

Scrolling Windows with Panel Controls.

Display copyright on Right Sidebar.

Switch Page Styles on Click.

Display Gradient Colors for Background.

Click Header to show dropdown links.

Show Scroller on DoubleClick.

Show deparate DIV elements by Links.

Place frames around your document.

Return to Top of Page with DoubleClick.

Drag elements on the page.

Drag Item to reveal Picture.

Dynamically change select menu display.

Drop in Text and Images onto Page.

Drop in Content box.

Show or Hide Paragraphs on Click.

Move Objects onto Page.

Dynamic Introduction Page.

Collapse and Expand Page Sections

Expandable Headers

Show and Hide images using the onClick and onMouseover functions.

Hide the scroll bar.

Choose image display with select box.

Mouseover Information Table.

Image movement within Document.

Custom Scrolling Document Window.

Slide HTML elements on page.

How to show a graph using Javascript.

DIV Positioning.

Alternating Letter Highlighter.

Link Transitions.

Page Entry Transition Effects.

Circular Revolving Links.

Links drop in from top of page.

Loads your menu links from the bottom up.

Message Blinking script.

Move images across your page.

Place moving objects on your page.

News Flasher with Links.

Roll Down Text and Links.

Remove Underlines from Links.

Shows the basics of moveable objects.

Move objects and change colors on timer.

How to manipulate objects within your document.

Scroll a portion of the page.

Add border styles to your browser pages.

Set a custom border around your page.

Show / Hide DIV containers.

Page Transition Filter Generator.

Page Layering within Document.

Inside Document Scrolling.

Image Change with Selection Box.

Pop out menus from Side of Page on Click.

Click to hide or show menu.

Prevent Page Printing.

Display a Progress Bar.

Right-Click Menu.

Hide and reveal web page on entrance.

Expand Text on Rollover.

Script for rotating elements within DIV tags.

Try out your scroll bar color scheme.

Displays a static clock at the bottom, right corner of the page.

Slide images and text using Mouseover.

Multiple color options in the same select list.

Display text style filters.

Click button to shake screen.

Select different background images.

Show and Hide Layers.

Dynamic Image Movement on Link Hover.

Slide menu onto page on mouseover.

Expand / Collapse Menu.

Create adjusting bars.

Slide in Echoing Text.

Create Snow Effect with No Images.

Appear as though you are moving through space.

Show Spotlight effect on Document.

Static Top of Page script.

Change the color of a specific text at a given ratio and speed.

Place a Static Watermark on your page.

How to set table border styles.

Dropdown Table Cells on Click.

Create Flashing Table Borders.

Highlight Table Cells.

Display Several Tabs on document.

Display Teletype Message.

Scrolling, Fading Text.

Display border styles around text.

Fade Link Colors.

Display Glow, Blur and Shadow Text Effects.

Display Tickertape.

Display different message depending on time of day.

Toggle Link to Open/Close Link Tables.

Open and Close Table Properties.

Static Top of Page Menu.

Typewriter Ticker.

Scroll Inline Text in Page.

Writing Vertical Text.

Display a slideout effect when transferring to another page.

Create Hyperlink for Each SubDirectory.

Place images behind text and other images.

Zoom Image In and Out.

Zoom Open new pages with Links.

These scripts can be found at ScriptSearch.com
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