Uncle Jim's JavaScript Examples


Dynamic Div Scroller
Swap small or large iimages
Display full screen messages
Slide Show with Messages
Hovering Style Change
Form Properties
Layering Properties
Inside Document Scroller
Window Expander
Moving Images
Style Options
Table Expander
Moving Objects on page
Multiple Imaging
Image Changing
DHTML intro page
Button Changer
Password entrance
Icon Float
Background changer
Image Manipulation
Screen Shake
Button Lite
Table Highlighter
Form Hider
Mouseover Effects
Diagonal text script
Mouse Rollover effects
Dynamic Lead-in
No Lines
Dynamic Headers
Flashing Links
Mouseover Sounds
Page Scroller
Picture descriptions
JavaScript clock
Layered Text
Expanding Text
Blinking Links
Menu Scroller
Movable Objects
Text Changer
News Scroller
Bouncing Window
Navigation Circle
Falling Menu
3-D Text
Logo Cursor
Flying Logos
Window Resizer
Hide text
Page Scroller
Animated Clock
Moving Objects
Multiple Documents
Table Text
Page Corners
Controlled Text Movement I
Controlled Text Movement II
Drag Objects
Object Sliding
Flashing buttons
Analog Watch
Document Frame
Side Scroll
Page Loads
Dragging Pictures
Resizing Pictures
Flashing tables
Cursor Trails
Image Scrolling
Dynamic Intro Page
Run Script
Sliding Objects
Link Scroller
Text Animator
Image Preview
Status Bar message
Marquee Messages
Link Overline
Dynamic Link changes
Fly and Drop In
Document in Window
Rolover Style
Multiple Targets
Inside document scroller
Cool Dropdown Menus
Full Screen Mode
Choose Page Colors
Zoom on Images
Shake Images
Image MouseOvers
Scroll Bar Colors
Zoom on Fonts
Style Types
Window Slide
Change Text Sizes
Border Styles
time in a button
MouseOver Circles
DHTML Scroller
DIV Layers
Drop Window
Window Docking
Dual Frames
Expanding Images
Fading Text
Glowing Text
Image Trails
Changing Letters
Live Date
Live Time
Automatic Page Transfer
Multiple Framing
DHTML Movement
Page Layers
Page Scrolling
Page Ticker
Quick Window
Rollover Styles
Static Tables
StatusBar Scroller
Strobe Lights
Table Colors
Changing Text Colors
Fading Text
IFrame Windows
Shrinking Window
Text Box Styles
Table Border Styles
Text Border Styles
Page Border Styles

These script can be found at ScriptSearch.com