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FireFox Alert and Pass

Author: Jim Stiles

The majority of redirection scripts simply check the browser agent and redirect based on whether you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. The problem with this is that the new Mozilla FireFox browser allows alot more functionality and dynamic interaction that Netscape does. This script first detects the user and navigator agents of the browser and performs the following functions:

Internet Explorer - versions 5 and above: Displays the page with no warnings or alerts.
Mozilla FireFox - versions 1 and above: Displays the page with an alert that the scripts may not function properly.
Internet Explorer - versions 4 and lower : Redirects to another page.
Netscape Navigator - all versions : Redirects to another page.
Opera - all versions : Redirects to another page.
Web TV : Redirects to another page.

To see this script in action, Click Here.
COPY - Insert Between Head Tags: <HEAD></HEAD>

COPY - Save as ffalert.js

This script can also be found at ScriptSearch.com

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