Countdown Player

Create a dynamic Countdown Player fitting anywhere into your webpage. Simple configuration of fonts, colors, size etc.

Insert as many counters per webpage as you like.

Simply use the green or blue generator to create the code. The green generator creates a date-countdown counting down to any date you wish. The blue generator creates a digit-countdown counting up or down.

No need to download any files.

IE4x/5x/6x, NS6x/7x, Opera 6x/7x.


Step 1:
- Use the green generator below in order to create a Date-Countdown.
- Use the blue generator below in order to create a Digit-Countdown.
- Click green or blue button test to view the result between the green and blue generator.
- Click green or blue button code in order to create the code for your Countdown Player

Generator for Date-Countdown
future date the countdown player is referring to:

type of countdown player:


Generator for Digit-Countdown
Count from to


What happens after countdown?


Step 2: Open your webpage in a text editor such as Notepad, WordPad etc.

Step 3: Insert the below code between the <head>-tag and </head>-tag of your webpage.

Step 4: Insert the below code where you want the countdown player to appear on your page.

Step 5: In order to set the style (font, colors, size) just wrap the corresponding tags around the code. See CSS-sample below:

<span style="font-family:Verdana;font-size:12pt;color:#006600;border:1pt solid #006600;padding:2px;background-color:#DDFFDD"">

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