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Gliding Text Messages
Author: Javascript Kit

This script slides in predetermined messages (or images) from the side of your page.


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COPY - Insert Between Head Tags: <HEAD></HEAD>

COPY - Insert Inside Body: <BODY></BODY>

The script asks that you specify the initial horizontal offset of the text via the Style Sheet (ie: -500px), so the text is just beyond the left edge of the browser window, hidden from view. Now, this value is applied to all of your text.
If one of your text is much longer or shorter than the rest, you may need to specify a different initial offset for that particular text.You can do so by using an inline style sheet within that text's tag. For example:

<div class="glidetext">This is text 1</div>
<p class="glidetext" style="left: -800px">
This text is much long than the rest, so it needs a unique initial left value.</p>
<div class="glidetext">This is text 3</div>
<div class="glidetext">This is text 4</div>

With this the second text has a larger negative offset, assuring it's hidden from view while remaining close to the browser's edge like the rest of the text. This is important, as if any one text is too far to the left of the browser edge, there will be a delay before the text flies in and becomes visible.

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