Uncle Jim's Web Designs

JavaScript Method Table
Author: Jim Stiles

abort Images User aborts the loading of an image (for example by clicking a link or the stop button) onAbort
blur windows, frames and all form elements User removes input focus from window, frame or form element onBlur
click links, check boxesradio buttons, submit buttons and reset buttons User clicks form element or link onClick
change text fields, textareas and select lists User changes value of element onChange
error images and windows The loading of documents or images, causing an error onError
focus windows, frames and all form elements User gives input focus onFocus
load document body User loads the page in the Navigator onLoad
mouseover links, functions(NEW) User moves mouse pointer over links onMouse- over
mouseout areas and links User moves cursor away or off an area or link onMouseout
reset forms User resets a form, as in the reset button onReset
select text fields and textareas User selects the form element's input field onSelect
submit submit button User submits a form onSubmit
unload document body User exits the page onUnload