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What you failed to do is to place the javascript called "overlib.js" into your host directory. You will need to upload that file and then call it within your HTML page.

On this page, if you view the source, you will see that I have called the overlib script from my "js" directory.
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Here are the examples on the overlib features page:

Usage examples
Presented here are just some of the many things you can do with overLIB. You combine these features in so many ways it isn't possible to present them all. Your imagination is your limit.

Background picture with transparency

overlib('<b>Nice effect with a semi-transparent background picture.</b>', TEXTCOLOR, '#ffffff', TEXTSIZE, 2, WIDTH, 250, HEIGHT, 120, BACKGROUND, 'transboxblue.gif', PADX, 60, 20, PADY, 20, 20)
Background picture and padding.

Making the popup go above the cursor to the left with snap!

overlib('Snapped to the left above the cursor.', HEIGHT, 40, LEFT, ABOVE, SNAPX, 10, SNAPY, 10)
Snapped to the left and above the cursor.

Taking full control over the html

overlib('<b><font color=\'#FF6666\' face=\'Courier,Verdana,Arial,Helvetica\'>No border or image!</font></b>', FULLHTML)
Full html control.

Different fonts and colors

overlib('Quite different colors and fonts from the default ones.', CAPTION, 'The Caption', FGCOLOR, '#999999', BGCOLOR, '#333333', BORDER, 4, CAPTIONFONT, 'Garamond', TEXTFONT, 'Courier', TEXTSIZE, 3)
Different colors and fonts.

Html in the popup

overlib('<a href=\'http://www.bosrup.com/web/overlib/\'>Popups by overLIB</a>', STICKY)
Link in popup.