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Uncle Jim's Javascript Examples

Multi-Function Navigational Panel

Author: Ronald E. Grafe

NavSwap is a space-saving site navigation tool. With NavSwap you can group like pages together for more organized page listings. Each page group is a single element in an array. NavSwap automatically adds or deletes a new line to the "Group Index" as you add or delete elements to the array. If the list of pages in any group is longer than the viewing window you can scroll down, scroll up, jump to the top, and start or stop the scroll.

Once the code is copied into the HEAD tag change the HTML content of each of the "textarray[ ]" elements to the group of links that you want displayed in the viewing window. Then change the "titlearray[ ]" elements to the corresponding titles for each group. CAUTION: Be careful to maintain 'double-quotes' at the beginning and end of each line and 'single-quotes' inside the beginning and end of each line of the textarray[ ] and titlearray[ ] elements.

COPY - Insert Between Head Tags: <HEAD></HEAD>

COPY - Insert Inside Body: <BODY></BODY>

COPY - Insert into Body Tag: <BODY 'CODE HERE'>

Download the following script:

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