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This cool script was found at DHTML Central. Each content box can be scrolled, minimized or moved around the page.


Latest News and Updates


Redesigned front page. Added column toggles and web stats.


A new section was added listing all of the latest security issues and application vulnlerabilities.


Within the last few months, the website has gone through an extensive site redevelopment.
The Javascript sections have been completely rewritten to conform to W3C standards.
All scripts have been placed into individual categories to make it easier for visitors to find a specific type of script.
Preview panes were added so visitors can see the scripts without leaving the page.


The Design Sets section was reformatted and is now W3C compliant.


Added a CSS scripting help site.


Contracted to do two additional websites. Business is good!


A monthly "new script" area was added so those returning to the site can easily find the newest and updated scripts.


A comprehensive listing of all scripts was added.

More news


Javascript Examples
Main script site

This is the main script site. It is broken down into various subcategories.

Newest Scripts
New scripts are added each month.

This is the newly added script site. New scripts are added each month.

Most Popular
Popular Scripts

This page contains the most popular and often downloaded scripts on the site.

Complete listing
Entire listing of scripts.

You can find all of the scripts on this site at this page.

 Tips and Tutorials

Microsoft Office Tips
MainOffice site.

There are two main sections here; The Office Tips site and the Office Tutorials site.

Microsoft Office Applications:
Main Tips site

This Office Tips section contains hundreds of office tips for all users and covers all of the Office applications, including Access, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

There is also a section containing general office tips.

Microsoft Office Tutorials
Main Tutorials Section

This section contains indepth tutorials for using Microsoft Office

These on-line tutorials are very easy to learn and cover may of the basic and intermediate steps, along with answers to many of the most asked questions.

Tutorial sections include Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint and Office Binder.


Message Boards and Forums
MainMain Forums Section

We have several different message boards and forums for those seeking answers to their various scripting questions or simply conduct a general discussion about a particular script or problem they are having.

Javascript Forum:
Forum Link

This forum deals with Javascript and DHTML discussions.

Web Design Forum:
Forum Link

This forum deals with all aspects of Website Design and development.

Microsoft Office Forum:
Forum Link

This forum deals with all Microsoft office Applications except Outlook, which is covered in a separate forum.

Microsoft Outlook Forum:
Forum Link

This forum contains discussions, problems and solutions to your most often asked Outlook questions.

Eudora Forum:
Forum Link

This forum deals with questions and problems pertaining to the Eudora email program.

Javascript Links

This page contains a listing of links to other areas of this site, along with other DHTML and Javascript sites

They include a myriad of script examples you can use to enhance your website.

These links are both internal and external links. The eternal links are not a part of this website.

Site Links:

Java Scripts
Developer Tools
Design Sets
Office Tips
Office Tutorials
On-Line Games

User Help:

PC Help
Security Issues
Virus Information
Cisco Test
Bandwidth Test
Browser Tester
Message Board

Fun and Entertainment:

On-Line Games
My Dogs Site
Photo Gallery
Art Collection
Star Trek Quiz

Professional Links:


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