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Author: Jim Stiles

This will allow your visitors to choose from a list of priced items. The script will tally the items, add the tax and send the order to you. This demonstration uses a "mailto:" form with to a dummy address of "me@mydomain.com". If you click the "Send Order" button the order should be returned to you as undeliverable, so you will be able to see the way it works. Note: This type of form is only supported by Netscape and Internet Explorer 4.x. In a real order form, a cgi script would normally be used.

Item One ($26.15)

Item Two ($26.10)

Item Three ($26)

Item Four ($26)

Item Five ($26.44)

Item Six ($26.10)

Item Seven ($26)

Item Eight ($26)

Item Nine ($25)

Total PST (7%) GST (7%)
Grand Total
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Contact Name:First Last
Phone: Fax:
Email Address:
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