Uncle Jim's Javascript Designs

Display Visitor Time On Page

This is simply a timer that will display how long a visitor has been on a given page. What makes it different from others I've run across is that it doesn't actually have a timer at all. Instead, I just grab the logon and logoff times and compute the difference between the two. These values can then be displayed with an Alert Box. Check it out by pressing this button a few times. You should notice that LOGON TIME + TIME ON PAGE = LOGOFF TIME.


The button below will take you to the graphical display that I developed to test this scheme. After starting the timer, press the Pause button and wait for several seconds (or even minutes). Then when you re-start it, notice that the timer accounts for the time that it was off.

You will probably notice that often there is a one second descrepancy. I attribute this to extra functions that the values pass thru with the starting and stopping of the display. The simpler version on this page appears quite accurate.