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Author: Jim Stiles

This script allows the visitor to confirm that the contents of a form are correct before it is sent.

Your Name:
Your E-mail:
Your Comments:

Insert Between Head Tags:
<script language="javascript">
function Make() {
my = window.document;
name = my.form1.name.value
mail = my.form1.mail.value
comments = my.form1.comm.value
my.write("<html><body bgcolor='#F5DEB5' ><center>");
my.write("<font size=6 color='NAVY'>Thanks!</font><p>");
my.write("" + name + ", check to make sure your information is correct and then hit Submit.");
my.write("<p><table border=1><tr><td><font color='red'>Your Name:</font>
" + name + "<br><font color='red'>Your E-mail:</font>
" + mail + "<br><font color='red'>Your Comments:</font> " + comments +
my.write("<p><form method=post action='mailto:"+mail+"' enctype='text/plain'><input type=submit
my.write("<input type=hidden name=Name value='" + name + "'><input type=hidden name=E-mail value='" + mail
+ "'<
<input type=hidden name=Comments value='" + comments + "'></form></center></body></html>");

Insert Inside Body:
<form name="form1"><table><tr><td>Your Name: </td><td>
<input type=text name="name" size="30,1"></td></tr>
<tr><td>Your E-mail:</td><td>
<input type=text size="30,1" name="mail"></td></tr>
<tr><td valign="middle">Your Comments:</td><tdv
<textarea cols="40" rows="3" name="comm"></textarea></td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="2" align="center">
<input type="reset" value="Clear"><input type=button value="Verify" onClick="Make()">

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