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Microsoft Access Tutorial


More Forms Reports Importing, Exporting, Linking

Reports will organize and group the information in a table or query and provide a way to print the data in a database.

Using the Wizard

Create a report using Access' wizard by following these steps:

  1. Double-click the "Create report by using wizard" option on the Reports Database Window.
  2. Select the information source for the report by selecting a table or query from the Tables/Queries drop-down menu. Then, select the fields that should be displayed in the report by transferring them from the Available Fields menu to the Selected Fields window using the single right arrow button > to move fields one at a time or the double arrow button >> to move all of the fields at once. Click the Next > button to move to the next screen.
    [Report Wizard dialog box]
  3. Select fields from the list that the records should be grouped by and click the right arrow button > to add those fields to the diagram. Use the Priority buttons to change the order of the grouped fields if more than one field is selected. Click Next > to continue.
    [Report Wizard dialog box]
  4. If the records should be sorted, identify a sort order here. Select the first field that records should be sorted by and click the A-Z sort button to choose from ascending or descending order. Click Next > to continue.
    [Report Wizard dialog box]
  5. Select a layout and page orientation for the report and click Next >.
    [Report Wizard dialog box]
  6. Select a color and graphics style for the report and click Next >.
    [Report Wizard dialog box]
  7. On the final screen, name the report and select to open it in either Print Preview or Design View mode. Click the Finish button to create the report.
    [Report Wizard dialog box]

Create in Design View

To create a report from scratch, select Design View from the Reports Database Window.

  1. Click the New button on the Reports Database Window. Highlight "Design View" and choose the data source of the report from the drop-down menu and click OK.
    [New Report window]
  2. You will be presented with a blank grid with a Field Box and form element toolbar that looks similar to the Design View for forms. Design the report in much the same way you would create a form. For example, double-click the title bar of the Field Box to add all of the fields to the report at once. Then, use the handles on the elements to resize them, move them to different locations, and modify the look of the report by using options on the formatting toolbar. Click the Print View button at the top, left corner of the screen to preview the report.
    [form edit window]

Printing Reports

Select File|Page Setup to modify the page margins, size, orientation, and column setup. After all changes have been made, print the report by selecting File|Print from the menu bar or click the Print button on the toolbar.

More Forms Reports Importing, Exporting, Linking