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Microsoft Excel Tutorial


Charts Page Properties and Printing Keyboard Shortcuts
Page Breaks

To set page breaks within the worksheet, select the row you want to appear just below the page break by clicking the row's label. Then choose Insert|Page Break from the menu bar. You may need to click the double down arrow at the bottom of the menu list to view this option.

Page Setup

Select File|Page Setup from the menu bar to format the page, set margins, and add headers and footers.

  • Page
    Select the Orientation under the Page tab in the Page Setup window to make the page Landscape or Portrait. The size of the worksheet on the page can also be formatting under Scaling. To force a worksheet to print only one page wide so all the columns appear on the same page, select Fit to 1 page(s) wide.
    [Page Setup dialog box]
  • Margins
    Change the top, bottom, left, and right margins under the Margins tab. Enter values in the header and footer fields to indicate how far from the edge of the page this text should appear. Check the boxes for centering horizontally or vertically on the page.
    [Page Setup dialog box]
  • Header/Footer
    Add preset headers and footers to the page by clicking the drop-down menus under the Header/Footer tab.
    To modify a preset header or footer, or to make your own, click the Custom Header and Custom Footer buttons. A new window will open allowing you to enter text in the left, center, or right on the page.

Custom Modifications
[Header and Footer options]

Format Text: Click this button after highlighting the text to change the font, size, and style.
Page Number: Insert the page number of each page.
Total Number of Pages: Use this feature along with the page number to create strings such as "page 1 of 15".
Date: Add the current date.
Time: Add the current time.
File Name: Add the name of the workbook file.
Tab Name: Add the name of the worksheet's tab.
Sheet: Check Gridlines if you want the gridlines dividing the cells to be printed on the page. If the worksheet is several pages long and only the first page includes titles for the columns, select Rows to repeat at top to choose a title row that will be printed at the top of each page.

[Page Setup dialog box]

Print Preview

Select File|Print Preview from the menu bar to view how the worksheet will print. Click the Next and Previous buttons at the top of the window to display the pages and click the Zoom button to view the pages closer. Make page layout modifications needed by clicking the Page Setup button. Click Close to return to the worksheet or Print to continue printing.


To print the worksheet, select File|Print from the menu bar.

[Print dialog box]

  • Print Range - Select either all pages or a range of pages to print.
  • Print What - Select selection of cells highlighted on the worksheet, the active worksheet, or all the worksheets in the entire workbook.
  • Copies - Choose the number of copies that should be printed. Check the Collate box if the pages should remain in order.

Click OK to print.

Charts Page Properties and Printing Keyboard Shortcuts