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Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial


Working with Slides Adding Content Working with Text
Bulleted Lists on Design Templates

Bulleted lists allow you to clearly display the main points of your presentation on slides. The text boxes on design templates already include bulleted lists. Click the place holder on the slide to begin adding text and press the ENTER key to return to the next line and add a new bulleted item. To go to the next line without adding another bullet, hold down the SHIFT key while pressing ENTER.

Bulleted List from Text Box

If you are not creating a bulleted list from an existing placeholder on a design template, or if you would like to add an additional bulleted list, follow these steps to create a new list:

  1. In slide view, create a text box by selecting Insert|Text Box from the menu bar.
  2. "Draw" the text box on the slide by holding down the left mouse button while you move the mouse until the box is the size you want it.
  3. Choose Format|Bullets and Numbering from the menu bar.
    [Bullets and Numbering dialog box]
  4. Change the Size of the bullet by changing the percentage in relation to the text.
  5. Choose a color for the bullet from the Color menu. Click More Colors for a larger selection.
  6. Select one of the seven bullet types shown and click OK.
    - OR -
    Click the Picture button to view the Picture Bullet window. Select one of the bullets and click OK.
    - OR -
    Click the Character button to select any character from the fonts on the computer. Select a symbol font such as Wingdings or Webdings from the Bullets from drop-down menu for the best selection of icons. Click on the characters in the grid to see them larger. Click OK when you have chosen the bullet you want to use.
    [Bullet dialog box]
  7. Click OK on the Bullets and Numbering window and use the same methods described in the "Bulleted Lists on Design Templates" to enter text into the bulleted list.

Bulleted LIsts from Outline

In Normal or Outline view, text can easily be entered in the outline window and new slides are automatically added. Follow the steps below to become familiar with adding slide content in outline view:

  1. Next to the Slide 1 icon, type the title of the slide. The text you type beside the slide icons will be the large-type titles on each slide.
  2. Press ENTER to type the next line. This will automatically create a new slide. To create a bulleted list for the first slide, press the TAB key or click the demote button [demote] on the More Buttons menu accessible by clicking the "triple arrow" button at the end of the formatting toolbar [More Buttons].
    - OR -
    Press ALT+SHIFT+Right Arrow to demote the selection to a bulleted list item.
  3. Continue entering text for the bulleted list, pressing ENTER at the end of each line to create a new bullet.
  4. Create a multilevel list by executing the demote action again to create a bulleted sublist. Press the promote button [promote] on the More Buttons menu or press ALT+SHIFT+Left Arrow to return to the original list.
  5. Create a new slide by executing the promote action until a new slide icon appears.
  6. Continue creating new slides and bulleted lists by using the demote and promote actions until the presentation is completed. Use the formatting instructions below to format the lists.

If there is more than one bulleted list on the slide, the lists will be designated by numbers enclosed in black boxes. The example below shows the slide created from the outline on the left. The bulleted list on the left side of the slide is labeled list "1" on the outline and the list on the right is labeled list "2". When typing the outline, begin typing in the new list by pressing CTRL+ENTER. In this example, CTRL+ENTER was pressed after typing "Access".

[multiple lists] [multiple lists]

Numbered List

Follow these steps to create a numbered list:

  1. Create a text box.
  2. With the text box selected, choose Format|Bullets and Numbering from the menu bar.
  3. Click the Numbered tab at the top of the Bullets and Numbering window.
    [Bullets and Numbering dialog box]
  4. Change the size of the numbers by changing the percentage in relation to the text.
  5. Choose a color for the numbers from the Color menu. Click More Colors for a larger selection.
  6. Change the Start at value if the numbers should not begin with 1.
  7. Select one of the the seven list types shown and click OK.

Resizing a Text Box

Select a text box by clicking on it with the mouse. A border with nine handles will appear around the text box. The four handles on the corners will resize the length and the width of the box at once while the handles on the sides will resize only in one direction. Click one of the handles and drag it with the mouse. Release the mouse button when it is the size you want it to be. Move the text box by clicking and dragging the thick, dotted border with the mouse.

[Text box example]

Text Box Properties

Change the colors, borders, and backgrounds of a text box from the Format AutoShape dialog box.

[Format AutoShape dialog box]

  1. Activate the textbox by clicking on it and select Format|Colors and Lines from the menu bar.
  2. Under the Colors and Lines tab, select a Fill color that will fill the background of the text box. Check the Semitransparent box if you want the slide background to show through the color.
  3. Select a Line color that will surround the box as well as a Style or Weight for the thickness of the line and a Dashed property if the line should not be solid.
  4. Click the Text Box tab.
    [Format AutoShape dialog box]
  5. Change the Text anchor point to reposition the text within the text box.
  6. Set Internal margins to the distance the text should be to the text box edges.
  7. Click OK to add the changes to the text box.

Delete a Text Box

To delete a text box from a template, simply click the border of the text box and press the DELETE key on the keyboard.

Adding Notes

From Normal View, notes can be added to the slide. These notes will not be seen on your presentation, but they can be printed out on paper along with the slide the notes refer to by selecting Print What: Notes Pages on the Print menu.

[Notes window]


To add a video to your presentation select Insert|Movies and Sounds|Movie from File or to insert an animation from Microsoft's gallery choose Insert|Movies and Sounds|Movie from Gallery. Select the video file and click OK.


To add sound to your presentation select Insert|Movies and Sounds|Sound from Gallery or Sound from File. Select a sound file and click OK.

Working with Slides Adding Content Working with Text