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Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial


Tutorial Menu Getting Started PowerPoint Screen
Creating a New Presentation

Open Power Point and you will be prompted by a dialog box with four choices. Each of these options are explained on this page. If Power Point is already open or this box does not appear, select File|New from the menu bar.

[New Presentation dialog box]

AutoContent Wizard

The AutoContent Wizard provides templates and ideas for a variety of presentation types. Page through the wizard by clicking the Next button on the bottom of each page after making necessary choices.

[AutoContent Wizard window]

Design Template

Power Point provides many templates with different backgrounds and text formatting to begin your presentation. Preview each design by highlighting the template name on the list. Press OK after you have chosen the design.

[New Presentation dialog box]

Blank Presentation

Select Blank Presentation to build the presentation from scratch with no preset graphics or formatting.

Open an Existing Presentation

Select this option to open a Power Point presentation that already exists. Select the folder the file is located in from the Look in: drop-down menu and highlight the file on the list. Click Open to open the presentation.

[Open existing presentation dialog box]


After selecting the presentation type, you will be prompted to choose the layout of the new slide. These layouts include bulleted lists, graphs, and/or images. Click on each thumbnail image and a description will be printed in the message box. Highlight the layout you want and click OK.

[New Slide dialog box]

Tutorial Menu Getting Started PowerPoint Screen