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Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial


Getting Started Power Point Screen Working with Slides
Screen Layout

The Power Point screen layout in Normal View:

[Power Point screen layout]


Power Point gives you four screen layouts for constructing your presentation in addition to the Slide Show. You can select the page view by clicking the buttons just above the formatting toolbar and the bottom of the page.

[View buttons]

[Normal View]     [Slide View]
Normal View
This screen is split into three sections showing the presentation outline on the left, the slide in the main window, and notes at the bottom.
  Slide View
The slide view displays each slide on the screen and is helpful for adding images, formatting text, and adding background styles.
[Outline View]  [Slide Sorter View]
Outline View
The presentation outline is displayed on the majority of the screen with small windows for the slide and notes. This view is recommended for editing text.
 Slide Sorter View
A small image of each slide is displayed in Slide Sorter view. Slides can easily be ordered and sorted from this screen.

Click the Slide Show button to view the full-screen slide show.

Getting Started Power Point Screen Working with Slides