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Microsoft Word Tutorial


Table of Contents Web Wizard Creating Web Pages

Word's Web Page Wizard will help you quickly create web pages for the Internet with preset layouts and graphics. Follow these steps to create a web page using the wizard.

  1. Select File|New... from the menu bar.
  2. Click the Web Pages tab on the New dialog box.
    [New Web Page dialog box]
  3. Highlight the Web Page Wizard icon and click OK.
  4. Click the Next button on the first Web Page Wizard box.
  5. Title and Location - Enter a title for your web site and select the location on your computer where the files will be saved. Click Next when finished.
    [Web Page Wizard dialog box]
  6. Navigation - Select a navigation type for the web page. Separate page is usually the best choice as it is the easiest to use.
    [Web Page Wizard dialog box]
  7. Add Pages - The next screen will list the pages currently in the web site. Click the Add New Blank Page button to add a new page, and highlight a page in the list and click Remove Page to delete pages from the web site. To add a page that you have already created to the site, click the Add Existing File... button and select the page you want to add.
    [Web Page Wizard dialog box]
    Click the Add Template Page... to insert a page with a layout. Highlight the choices in the Web Page Templates window to preview the template in the main window. Click OK to select a template.
    [Web Page Templates]
  8. Organize Pages - Reorder the pages of the web site. Highlight the name of the page that will be moved and click the Move Up and Move Down buttons. Click Rename to rename a page.
    [Web Page Wizard dialog box]
  9. Visual Theme - Select No visual theme for a blank page or select check Add a visual theme and click Browse Themes... to select a graphical theme.
    [Web Page Wizard dialog box]
    From the Themes window, highlight the themes in the list to preview them. Check the Vivid Colors and Active Graphics boxes to apply those options. Uncheck the Background Image box to remove the graphic from the background of the page. Click OK when finished.
    [Web Theme dialog box]
  10. Click Finish to create the web site.

Table of Contents Web Wizard Creating Web Pages