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I need a script to tell me what script I need.
Web Developer
I'll show you a Blue Screen Of Death!
Network Engineer
Where did my code go?
Systems Analyst
I'm Busy reseating the interface card!
Systems Admin.
So, You want a flat panel monitor, huh?
Technical Support
Who. . . Me?

Hello from the staff at Uncle Jim's Web Designs!       It is now     
As you can see, we are currently busy upgrading our systems and installing the latest software applications to our network infrastructure and web servers. We're always here to help you with any problems you may encounter and to ensure you have a safe and secure visit to our website. Feel free to contact any member of our team for professional or technical assistance. Please be patient with us as we are involved in major upgrades. (There may be a slight delay for telephone support, due to extended hourly breaks and frequent power-naps.) However, you may send any comments or requests using our popular feedback form.

Please be advised that the completion of all written or verbal work orders is dependant upon successful calculation of how long it will take to figure out the extent of all tasks requested within the proper time frame. All work orders will be systematically disposed of in the exact order in which we deem most appropriate so as to get off work on time today.