Computer Virus Definitions and Information

In just over a decade, most of us have been familiar with the term computer virus. Even those of us who don't know how to use a computer have heard about viruses.

Many people believe the worse a virus can do is format your hard disk. In fact, this type of payload is now harmless for those of us who back up our important data. Much more destructive viruses are those which subtly corrupt data. Consider, for example, the effects of a virus that randomly changes numbers in spreadsheet applications by plus or minus 10% at a stockbrokers. Other nasty viruses post company confidential documents in your own name to some of the internet newsgroups, an act which can both ruin your reputation and the company's confidentiality.

Despite our awareness of computer viruses, how many of us can define what one is, or how it infects computers? The Computer Services division is accutely aware of this problem. Here, we will explain the basics of computer viruses, summarising what they are, how they attack and what can be done to protect ourselves against them.

  1. Virus Definitions
  2. Macros
  3. Boot Sector Viruses
  4. Parasitic Viruses
  5. Prevention
  6. Detection
  7. Top Ten Viruses